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No, Kaley Cuoco Isn't Pregnant

Kaley Cuoco The Big Bang Theory

Despite what some people might think, Kaley Cuoco is not pregnant. The Big Bang Theory actress was asked by a social media user or two if she was expecting a child, and she set the record straight -- while also asking if these are the types of questions people should direct to complete strangers online. On an Instagram post where this question was pressed, Kaley Cuoco had the following to say to those who wanted to know if she was now with child.

I'm so sorry I bent over in a way to where my dress billowed in the wind and made you think this. Question. Would you walk up to me and ask this straight to my face?

The question was prompted by Kaley Cuoco's Instagram post with her husband, where she is bent over and giving her husband, Karl Cook, a smooch. The black-and-white photo finds Cuoco in a black outfit that has a bit of a bellow, as Cuoco notes, which is why some people think she might soon be welcoming her first child. Comments on the post include such direct questions as "Preggers?!" Clearly, Cuoco didn't take kindly to personal questions.

Here's the photo in question:

A photo posted by on

Frankly, it's nobody's business, and the commenters who asked Kaley Cuoco this question overextended their reach. If she's pregnant, she'll let her followers know at her own pace. Were these social media users never taught that it is rude to ask a woman such a question? Evidently not. But Cuoco wasn't afraid to set the record straight and to tell them directly that it was a rude question to ask.

To further prove her point, Kaley Cuoco had more to say about the topic on her Instagram Story. It was saved and recounted by USA Today. She said:

Would you ever walk up to someone on the street or at an event where they're obviously dressed up and say, 'Are you pregnant?' It's just so comedic and shocking that people would ask that. I'm not pregnant. I guess it was a pregnant angle? Seriously, shut up!

Hopefully, that made the message loud and clear. If not, however, we have a feeling that Kaley Cuoco isn't afraid to repeat herself again and again when it comes to this particular private matter.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the nature of motherhood, Kaley Cuoco admits that it's in the future, but not in focus right now. She's still settling into her new life with her new husband -- and busy filming the final season of The Big Bang Theory. If she and her husband are planning to have any children, that's something they'll determine themselves in the future.

Should any pregnancy announcement come about in the not-too-distant future from Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook, however, we'll definitely keep you posted. Meanwhile, for the latest news in film, television, pop culture, video games and more, be sure to check back in with CinemaBlend to hear the latest scoop.

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