Harry Potter's Matthew Lewis Thanks Fans After Romantic Lost Wallet Drama

SCREENSHOT Matthew Lewis - Pottermore Video

The Internet is a curious place. Just through the touch of your fingertips, you have instant access to millions of people all around the world. You could be interacting with someone across the street or on the other side of the world through the safety and comfort of your home computer or through the phone located in your hands. It is a powerful and haunting tool. While it can sometimes be used for nefarious, unlawful purposes, it can also be a tremendous source for good. Thankfully, the latter was the case for Matthew Lewis, best known for his acting work inside Harry Potter.

The Neville Longbottom actor recently had the misfortune of having his wallet lost or possibly stolen, and while he was distressed about it for several reasons, there was one reason in particular that he was hoping to retrieve it: it contained a sentimental item that originated from his wife, Angela Jones. Here's what Matthew Lewis wrote on Twitter, using the social media site as a distress call to hoping reach out to the person who found his lost wallet.

As Matthew Lewis explains, he is not concerned about the money, the cards or anything like that in his wallet being gone. No, it's losing the note from his wife engraved on a piece of metal that distresses the actor the most, and Lewis was hoping that he could receive the personal, romantic item in his possession once again. It turns out, the Internet was helpful for Matthew Lewis this time around. Not only did he receive a great wealth of sympathy and support, but he also got his wallet back as well! Yippie! Lewis was understandably super pleased to find his wallet again, and he called it a "good day."

The Internet can sometimes be a cesspool filled with horrendously poor characters and nasty ill-will inflicted upon others. But sometimes, it can be a source of great help and charitable behavior. Thankfully, it was ultimately a source of great benefit for Matthew Lewis, who not only received the loving memento from his wife back in his possession, but his wallet as well. There can be some bad folks on the Internet, but there can be good ones as well.

While it is not clear how exactly Matthew Lewis regained possession of his wallet, sometimes the mystery is rewarding. It ultimately doesn't matter how exactly Lewis found himself with his wallet once again in his hand; Lewis has the wallet again, along with the metaled note, and that is all that matters.

There's no doubt that Matthew Lewis' fame and notoriety probably played a hand in the wallet return, but sometimes, it's good to know that the Internet can band together and help its fellow man, famous or otherwise. It's a small act of kindness, but it obviously means the world to Lewis.

Will Ashton

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