Ariana Grande's New Japanese Tattoo Doesn't Say What She Thought It Did

Ariana Grande - "thank u, next" music video

Ariana Grande has a lot of tattoos. 32 or more, in fact. And that's a rough estimation. The pop singer loves to get ink permanently drawn on her skin. And when you get a couple dozen tattoos on your person, you're bound to regret one or two. Sure enough, Grande's latest tattoo choice turned out to be a pretty embarrassing decision. In celebration of her latest hit single, "7 Rings," Grande got a tattoo on her hand, and she thought it said the song's title in Japanese. But when she shared the ink to the world, Ariana Grande discovered that the translation actually found the singer celebrating BBQ.

Buzzfeed broke down the tattoo gaffe. The new Ariana Grande song celebrates a grand shopping spree the famous singer had with a few of her closest friends. It's a single that's a tribute to excessive spending and great wealth -- something Grande has acquired (and continues to acquire) in recent years. The new tune has become Grande's second song to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Therefore, to celebrate the song's massive success, Grande decided to get a new tattoo. In the music video for "7 Rings," the song's title is written in both English and Japanese. The Japanese translation is written the accurate way in the video. But when Ariana Grande decided to write that into her hand, something got lost in translation.

It's understandable how this mistake was made. The symbols she wrote on her hand mean "7" and "Rings" separately. But when those characters are brought together on the singer's hand, however, they don't translate to "7 Rings." Instead, it reads "shichirin." That is a small grill used for barbecuing.

So, Ariana Grande inadvertently found a way to celebrate BBQing when she meant to pay tribute to her latest number one hit single. And sure enough, the Internet had a field day with this major mistake. Obviously, Grande deleted the picture of her hand tattoo, but the Internet obviously screenshot the photo and the jokes continued to pile on. Everyone makes mistakes, of course. Hopefully the lesson here is: be very, very careful what tattoos you get.

Even though Ariana Grande took down the photo of the tattoo, she tried to take the situation in good humor. She joked that she's a "huge fan of tiny BBQ grills." While Grande didn't seem too concerned with fixing it at first, she recently tried to change it and/or correct it. But she didn't quite fix it.

According to TMZ, Ariana Grande went through the painstaking process of trying to add more characters to the tattoo, in the hopes of fixing it. But the new characters and placement reportedly make it say "Japanese BBQ finger" now, which isn't exactly what Grande was hoping to have ... at least, one would think. So it sounds like the tattoo woes continue to Grande. It seems unlikely that this blunder will stop the young music superstar from getting more tattoos in the future. But there's a strong possibility that Grande will take extra precautions when it comes to what she decides to get next time...

Will Ashton

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