Brooklyn Decker Tells Body Shamers She Misses Her Boobs Too

Brooklyn Decker in a Bikini in Adam Sandler movie

Brooklyn Decker has something to say to her body shamers: Yes, she misses her boobs too. The actress recently confronted some of her body critics on social media, and she wasn't afraid to not only voice her objections to their dismissive comments but to clarify one point she hears about all the time, too. Yes, she misses when her boobs were bigger too.

As Brooklyn Decker confessed on Twitter, being a mother has provided a lot to the actress/model, but it has also taken away her boobs in her process. She is the mother of two children: Hank, 3, and Stevie Roddick, 1, and she shares those children with her husband, tennis player Andy Roddick. Being a mother takes a lot out of people, and that's particularly true for Decker -- at least, according to her own admission. The Just Go With It actress claims that her young children have "sucked the life" out of her body and she is merely left as "a bag of bones." Decker doesn't need to hear your comments about her looks.

Brooklyn Decker's retort came in response to a since-deleted tweet from a social media user who was reportedly "confused" about Decker's new look. Considering that she "looked so good" in the 2011 comedy, Just Go With It, this  user was wondering why the Grace & Frankie actress looks "gangly" right now. While Decker has undoubtedly fielded questions like this one before, it was apparently this unwarranted comment in particular that caused the actress to, once again, make a statement about her looks and explain why she doesn't have the same physical appearance that she had nearly a decade ago.

So, if you feel inclined (for whatever reason) to make some comment regarding Brooklyn Decker's looks and appearances, it should be known that she might respond with her own retort. She's well-aware of her appearances as a mom, and she doesn't need to hear about how her looks have changed over time from anyone else. If she wants to know your opinion about something related to her looks, I assume she'd ask for it. But it doesn't sound like that's going to happen anytime soon.

Hopefully, Brooklyn Decker's personalized address to her body shamers will hopefully make some people think twice before they use the social media site to make some inconsiderate criticism about her body, particularly regarding her breasts. It's a sore topic, clearly and life is too short to have to deal with that negativity.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Decker certainly isn't the first celebrity to use social media to take down body shamers. Anne Hathaway did so preemptively earlier last year while preparing for a new role, and it was only a week ago when Celine Dion took her body critics to task for their dismissive notes.

We hope Brooklyn Decker's response allows her to receive fewer comments like this one in the future. She clearly doesn't like them. Meanwhile, when it comes to the latest news in film, television, pop culture, video games and a whole lot more, you can check back with us here at CinemaBlend.

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