Jose Canseco Accuses Alex Rodriguez Of Cheating On Jennifer Lopez On Twitter

From a media perspective, it's hard to think of many celebrity relationships that seem more committed than the one shared by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The pop singer and the former professional baseball player have spoken many lovely words about each other throughout their long-term relationship, and they seemingly continue to bond and grow more intimate as their relationship blooms. As least, as far as they tell it. But there's one person who doesn't buy into their glossy romance. That person is Jose Canseco. He said the following on Twitter:

The gossipy tweet from Jose Canseco believes his fellow baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, is not as faithful as he claims to be. In fact, by his estimation, the ex-Oakland A's outfielder thinks A-Rod has been harboring a secret affair with Canseco's ex-wife, Jessica Canseco, and that JLo is none the wiser. The tweet doesn't offer a lot of information otherwise, including how Canseco would be privy enough to know about such affairs from his ex-wife. But if he was looking to stir the pot and to get people to spread rumors, then Canseco did succeed. Whether or not anyone actually believes what he says, however, might be another discussion.

It's hard to know for sure what exactly Jose Canseco knows — or, maybe, "knows." And it would seemingly make more sense if he was lying in a fit of petty jealous rage than actually revealing a slice of truth about the famous ex-athlete. But if one were to take Canseco's word for what he is saying, and that Alex Rodriguez has been seeing another woman in private while he continued to wax poetic about his long-running love to Jennifer Lopez, then that would certainly be some heartbreaking news for fans of the couple.

One wants to believe that love is real and that relationships can last, but if Alex Rodriguez is lying to the public about his relationship status while suggesting otherwise, then that would definitely come as a thorn in the side of many romantics. Including, most especially, Jennifer Lopez. But for now, without any concrete evidence beyond a speculative tweet, it's probably best not jump to conclusions.

It's apparent that Jose Canseco has strong opinions about the state of Alex Rodriguez's well-publicized relationship to Jennifer Lopez. And whether he is butting his head into something he shouldn't or trying to reveal the truth to JLo and/or the world-at-large is something that'll need be determined later on.

But with the engagement between Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez revealed this past weekend, one would assume — or even hope — that the relationship is going strong and that there shouldn't be anything to worry about for this celeb couple. But maybe Jose Canseco is right; maybe things aren't how they appear? Who can say?

Whatever the story might be here, we'll continue to keep you posted on the latest news, developments, updates and a whole lot more right here at CinemaBlend.

Will Ashton

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