Rosario Dawson Confirms She's Dating Cory Booker

Cory Booker - The Daily Show / Rosario Dawson - Clerks II

In 2020, Cory Booker has set his sights on running for President of the United States under the Democratic ticket. Meanwhile, Rosario Dawson has set her sights on Cory Booker. Yes, as it was revealed earlier this week, the actress is dating the potential presidential nominee. Here's what she had to say about their relationship.

I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much.

The relationship status was confirmed by TMZ, who caught up with Rosario Dawson at the Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. yesterday. The cameraman on the scene for the tabloid publication was forward. This particular paparazzi asked the film and television actress the personal question right to her face. While some celebrities might deflect these rumors or try to sidestep around such revealing questions, Dawson opted to confirm the speculation, notably since the bubbling reports about the couple have spread throughout the new year.

The early word about Cory Booker's potential relationship with Rosario Dawson began when the politician made an appearance on the popular radio station The Breakfast Club. They were talking about how the politician was "single," and how that might affect things. Notably since, you know, most politicians are married. And Booker mentioned that he was seeing someone special, though he didn't say who that particular person was at the time. But as he admitted, he had "a boo," and he was warm about his feelings towards her. Now, we know that Booker was referring to Rosario Dawson.

Given their relationship status, it should come to no surprise to know that Rosario Dawson is supporting Cory Booker's continued efforts to run for president under the Democratic party. Dawson was even seen wearing a Cory Booker badge on her bag. She called him an "amazing human being," and there is clear affection for the politician in her voice. Should things with Booker get more serious, as both a politician and in his blooming relationship with Dawson, would that mean we might be looking at First Lady Rosario Dawson someday? Of course, one shouldn't jump to conclusions, but that's certainly one wild thought to have.

Of course, given their busy schedules, Rosario Dawson admits that she doesn't get to spend as much time with Cory Booker as she would like. It can be tough to balance the busy work lives they have with their personal relationship. But the actress and the politician are trying to make it work. And it's clear from Dawson's account that the couple are in the early lovey-dovey stages of their romance.

Now that it's official, it'll be interesting to see what the future holds for Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker's relationship. Additionally, it's not known exactly or officially how long the celebrity and the potential presidential candidate have been dating. But if there are more details to report about this coupling, we'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, for the latest news in film, television, pop culture, celebrity culture and more, you can be sure to check back with us right here at CinemaBlend.

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