Miley Cyrus Says She's Queer In Nude Photo Post

Miley Cyrus is never afraid to reveal herself. The actress/musician is rarely — if ever — shy about being honest with her fans, or removing all of her clothing at any given moment. And on social media, Cyrus did both. As she disclosed in an Instagram post, she is getting ready for her upcoming performance at Woodstock 2019. In doing so, the "Wrecking Ball" singer wanted to let everyone know that she's here, she's queer and she's ready to rock in the sun — with or, in this case, without clothes, as made evident in a picture in which she's au naturel. Take a look.

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The Instagram post finds Miley Cyrus lounging in the sun and getting a few rays of sunshine minus any swimwear. Or any clothes at all — except for a hat, of course. Cyrus decided she didn't need to burden herself with any wardrobe while having fun in the sun, and therefore, she decided that she would get a good tan if she opted to not wear an outfit. But in the process, the world-famous musician also wanted to let her followers know that she identifies as queer and she's ready for the festivities that are set in store with the warming weather. Bring on the sunny summer season!

The photo itself might feature the subject in the nude, but it doesn't show anything beyond the PG range. Therefore, it's Cyrus discussing her sexuality that's likely the most revealing part of this post. The actress/musician has been open about her sexuality throughout the years, admitting that she doesn't identify as entirely straight while not always putting a label on her sexual identity. With this post, however, Miley Cyrus is proudly letting the world know — loud and clear — that she's queer, and the celeb is excited for what the rising temperatures will bring during concert season.

Right now, Miley Cyrus is well into her 20s and there are a lot of things changing. The biggest change in her life, most likely, being her recent marriage to Liam Hemsworth after their prolonged on-and-off relationship throughout the past ten years. They were brought together through the loss of Cyrus' California residence, which continues to weigh heavily on the musician. But Cyrus is thankful that she has the ones she loved, and she's trying to make it through life as best she can.

And that sense of perspective has allowed Miley Cyrus to appreciate what she has and where she has been, and it allows the young superstar to continue to be open and honest about herself along the way. With that, Cyrus will continue to be her revealing self — in more ways than one, of course. Meanwhile, for the latest news in film, television, pop culture, celebrity culture and a whole lot more, you can always be sure to check back with us right here at CinemaBlend for even more updates.

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