The Flash Star Grant Gustin Triggers Plane Smoke Detectors By Vaping In Bathroom

Grant Gustin - The Flash

Well, this sure is embarrassing. During a recent Compass Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver, shortly after the plane took flight, The Flash's Grant Gustin went into the first class bathroom for a private vaping session. He was sucking on his vape pen, minding his own business. Then suddenly, almost out of nowhere, the dreaded fire alarm starts blaring. Turns out, the smoke coming from the bathroom set off the alarm, resulting in a momentary beat of panic for everyone on the plane — including the pilots. Whoops. Here's what we know about this plane mishap.

According to witnesses on the plane, as it was reported by People, Grant Gustin went to the bathroom quickly after the plane went into the air, and it was shortly thereafter that a trail of smoke columned out of the bathroom door. It was then that the smoke alarm went off, and while there might've been a few passengers who put two-and-two together, there was also reasonable cause for concern as well. The pilots even put on their oxygen masks when the alarm went off; the smoke from the bathroom made it all the way up to the cockpit. Suffice to say, it became an ordeal.

Thankfully, the plane didn't need to make an emergency landing, and it wasn't delayed either. The vape pen was reportedly "confiscated from a cooperative passenger." And it sounds like the rest of the trip with Grant Gustin went without incident. Eventually, the passengers finally made their way to Vancouver. And one imagines Grant Gustin avoided eye contact with everyone as he left the airplane.

After the vape pen was confiscated, Grant Gustin was asked why he was vaping in the bathroom in the first place. He claims that he did it to relax, and it's unclear if he was anxious about the flight or something else in his life. Or maybe both. In any case, Gustin met with the authorities after the plane made its landing, and they let him off with a warning. Grant Gustin and his publicity team chose not to comment on the situation. Additionally, The CW representatives didn't release a statement.

For those readers who might be inclined to vape in an airplane in the future, it should be noted that "battery-powered e-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person)," according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). So, if you were thinking about vaping on an upcoming flights like Grant Gustin, you outta think twice. See exhibit 1 above.

While Grant Gustin is known for his super-speed on The Flash, this incident wasn't exactly quick-thinking on this end. Hopefully, the television actor learned his lesson. Like, you know, perhaps maybe get a few vape puffs in before you get on the plane? That might help Gustin avoid getting into an issue like this one again in the future.

Will Ashton

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