Sean Lennon And Frances Bean Cobain Talk Inadvertently Looking Like Their Famous Fathers

The untimely deaths of John Lennon and Kurt Cobain continue to weigh heavy in the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Each iconic musician was taken from us at (or near) the height of their popularity and acclaim, and their legacy lives on — even if they're no longer here to celebrate their continued fame. For their children, however, their loss is — and remains — a deep impact. It's hard for Frances Bean Cobain and Sean Ono Lennon to look in the mirror and not see their fathers' faces in their own reflections. On social media, each of them reflected on their similar appearances to their dads, and how they've come to embrace their resemblances.

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As Sean Ono Lennon notes on Instagram, he is criticized by people who claim that he tries too hard to look like his famous folks. Admittedly, it is hard to live in their respective shadows. The son, a fellow musician, claims he rarely tries to wear the type of clothes that his parents wore or put on the type of glasses iconized by his late father. Yet, the son can't help it. Sean Ono Lennon admits that the glasses he sports just happen to look the best on his face. Additionally, he claims his parents dressed so hip, it'd be hard to not match their style if he wants to look fashionable.

Whether bystanders understand that difficulty faced by Sean Ono Lennon or not, there is one person who is sympathetic: Francis Bean Cobain. She admitted in the comment section that she, too, finds herself looking awfully similar to her belated dad, Kurt Cobain. Frances Bean Cobain claims she likes to embrace the similarities but also celebrate the differences found between herself and her late father, saying:

You look wonderful! I do the same thing re: sunglasses, I try not to wear those friggin oval frames often, but I when I do, I know they look good on mah face, so, what can we do. Embrace the similarities and celebrate the differences, I suppose!

When you are known best for your famous father, it can be hard to escape the eerie similarities found between you and him. That's a struggle that has been faced by Frances Bean Cobain and Sean Ono Lennon throughout the years, and it is one that will likely continue to follow them in the future. It is hard to study your reflection and see the man who was taken too soon and missed by many. That difficulty can certainly weigh heavily on a person. However, like Frances Bean Cobain said, maybe it's best for her and Lennon to embrace these similarities and celebrate the differences along the way. Because after all, there's not much else they can do.

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