Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Reveal Their Nicknames For Each Other Via Social Media

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Nearly every couple has their affectionate name(s) for their romantic partner. Whether it's something cutesy or cheesy, their love can often be cemented by their adoring little pet name for their companion. It doesn't need to be anything particularly rich, nuanced, inventive or even creative. Hell, most of the time, it's something extremely simple and silly. But they are given lovingly, and with no shortage of warm feelings. That's not exception for Justin and Hailey Bieber.

The celebrity newlyweds might have a lot of advantages in their lavish lives compared to your average young married couple. But one thing is the same: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have their own lovey-dovey nicknames for each other.

This week, the well-publicized married couple revealed these said nicknames on their respective Instagrams. First, here's the nickname Justin Bieber has given to his new wife, Hailey. Be forewarned: it is, as you would expect, very, very cutesy.

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Justin Bieber casually let this nickname slip on his Instagram page. He admitted that he calls his wife his "bean," and it's unclear from an observational standpoint why, exactly, Justin calls Hailey his "bean." But of course, when it comes to couple nicknames, it's often something shared between the two involved. It doesn't need to be explained. Hell, there might not even be a reasonable explanation, truthfully. Sometimes, a nickname comes along and it just sticks. It's elementary school reasoning, sure. But hey, that's how it goes sometimes. Can't really reason with it.

Meanwhile, on her own Instagram, Hailey Bieber also revealed the nickname she gave to her famous hubby. Once again, be warned: it's also very, very, very cutesy.

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So, there you have it. Justin and Hailey Bieber like to refer to each other as "Bubba" and "Bean," respectively. Is it coincidental that these two nicknames both begin with the letter "b." Perhaps? Maybe not? It's hard to say for certain.

As mentioned earlier, there is really no rhyme or reason to a lot of nicknames given between lovers. A lot of times, it's just something cutesy that came to mind one day and just stuck around for the intermediate time. Doesn't necessarily make for a deep and rich mythology, but that's how it often goes. Without any proper context, it's hard to know how these nicknames came to be(an). But these pet names snuck their way onto their social media. Now, the whole wide world knows what Justin and Hailey call each other.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber appears to be enjoying the married life. He has said nothing but kind and loving words about his wife, Hailey Bieber. And it doesn't sound like these romantic feelings have died down at all since their wedding day. There were even rumors that Justin Bieber might start a family with Hailey soon, but that is far from confirmed. In any case, if you were looking for the release date of Justin's latest album, it sounds like you will be waiting for a good while longer.

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