Fifty Shades' Jamie Dornan Is 'Still Dealing' With Loss Of Mother And Friends

Jamie Dornan - Fifty Shades of Grey

Like many celebrities of late, Jamie Dornan has become more open and honest about his struggles with depression. Similar to Taraji P. Henson, Serena Williams, Bruce Springsteen, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jim Carrey, to only name a handful, Dornan feels more comfortable discussing his own personal battles with mental illness-- particularly following a couple devastating years early in his life where the actor lost both his mother and four of his close friends. Here's what Dornan recently said:

Yeah my mum died when I was 16 that was obviously a life-altering, insane, horrendous thing to happen. Then four of my mates killed themselves in a car crash when I was 17. I had a very rough couple of years that I guess I'm still dealing with both of [those] things today, every day.

The delicate conversation came up during Jamie Dornan's recent appearance on the podcast, Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner (via As he explained in the show, Jamie Dornan was only 16 when he lost his mother after a battle with pancreatic cancer. It was only a year later that four of Dornan's close friends were suddenly killed in a car accident.

Those are two great tragedies for one man's soul, especially at such a young and impressionable age. And he admits that he's "still dealing with both" several years later. Grief can be a prolonged process, and there is never a proper window for healing. Often, people will need to spend many years learning to accept loss on their own terms, because everyone grieves differently.

At the time, however, Jamie Dornan didn't seem to have a proper understanding of his mental health struggles. Particularly during those difficult couple of years, the future actor was having a lot of trouble focusing on his life and moving forward in a productive fashion. It wasn't until someone told him later on that he was depressed that he began to see more clearly. And that clarity did help Dornan in the long run.

I had a summer, I dropped out of university and I was doing a marketing degree and no interest in any aspect of marketing, and I thought 'Well fuck this, I'm going to leave.' I remember having this idea that I wanted to change and I knew I wasn't on the right path and I needed to do something else, and I got into an interview once and I was explaining what I got up to that summer, and the interviewer goes 'So you're depressed' and I was like 'Oh shit yeah'.

Jamie Dornan has revealed a lot of himself before, particularly during his stint in the Fifty Shades of Grey movies. But in this interview, Dornan got an opportunity to reveal a little more on the pain and sorrow that has weighed on his soul for a long time, and the hardships that will likely continue to weigh on his soul in the future.

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