Soulja Boy Sentenced To 240 Days In Prison After Violating Parole

Soulja Boy - "Crank That" Music Video

For many folks, Soulja Boy is a name they haven't heard in years--possibly since 2007 or 2008. The rapper had a One Hit Wonder with his popular radio-friendly tune, "Crank That," rising to instant popularity during his career heyday. But then he fizzled from the public conscious almost entirely a year or so after the fact.

For several years, people might have only thought about Soulja Boy in passing. They'd hear "Crank That" at the bar and say to themselves, "Hey, whatever happened to Soulja Boy anyhow?" They would hear the song on the radio, and the same thought would come to mind. But now, we have an answer to that lingering question. And the future isn't looking too bright for this mid '00s musical artist.

According to recent reports, Soulja Boy has been sentenced to serve 240 days in prison, along with 265 days of community service, after the musical artist violated his probation. As TMZ notes, the judge debated sending the rapper to prison for two whole years, but he decided to give him a little bit of "leniency."

In court, Soulja Boy and his attorney claimed that the musician had an "awakening" these past 20 days locked behind bars. While the judge wasn't sympathetic enough to let him off easily, the judge didn't give the troubled musician the maximum sentence either.

Soulja Boy was arrested last month after the court ruled that the musician failed to do his court-appointed community service. He also reportedly conspired to falsify the evidence to make it seem like he did his community service. That wasn't a great look. Additionally, when the police raided his house in Agoura Hills in February, the cops found ammunition in his house after the authorities were said to be investigating a claim that one of Soulja Boy's ex-girlfriends was tied up and being held captive.

The rapper was previously caught in legal trouble for a separate ammunition charge in 2014. Soulja Boy has since been located behind bars, and he is apparently remorseful for his actions. Nevertheless, the music artist will spend serious time located up in the big house for the remainder of this calendar year.

Of late, beyond his music, Soulja Boy has gathered notoriety in this ongoing decade for his controversies involving selling video game consoles under reportedly less-than-legal circumstances. It was a whole ordeal, but the long and short of it is that Soulja Boy was trying to sell video games consoles under his own name, reportedly claiming they were his own property when most of them were knock-offs of well-licensed game systems. Obviously, this is illegal for several reasons. As a result, the rap musician has found himself a whole heap of trouble in the process. In any case, Soulja Boy might be looking to turn things around sometime soon. And he will certainly have a lot of time to reflect on his life standing while locked up in prison.

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