Jennifer Aniston finally seems to have found the man she’ll spend the rest of her life with. On Friday, screenwriter and actor Justin Theroux popped the question on his birthday, and his girlfriend of a little more than a year enthusiastically said yes. The official announcement made the rounds last night, and now, it’s just a matter of planning all the details and, of course, staying together.

There’s no reason to think the happy couple won’t be able to make it work. By all accounts, they fell in love almost immediately and have been spending as much time as possible together ever since. Pop Blend wishes them nothing but the best moving toward the future, but for the time being, let’s take a look back at five other famous men Aniston was involved with…

bad teacher
Brad Pitt
Every list of former Aniston loves has to start with Brad Pitt. The two began dating in 1998 and were married in the summer of 2000. For almost five years, they were widely considered a shining example of two famous stars who sacrificed to build a beautiful, longterm relationship. Unfortunately, it all imploded amidst rumors of Brad not wanting to have children and possibly cheating with Angelina Jolie. In one quick swoop, Aniston went from the girl millions were jealous of to the girl nearly everyone felt bad for, and that shift in perspective followed Jen as she worked her way through all her post-Brad relationships.

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