Adele Reportedly Gave Birth Already

Neither Adele nor her much older boyfriend, Simon Konecki, has spoken publically about the pop star’s pregnancy over the past few weeks, but if rumors in the British press are to be believed, she actually gave birth already. Details are still extremely fuzzy, but everyone seems to agree the child is a healthy baby boy.

According to The Daily Mail, Adele and Simon, who already has a five-year-old from a previous relationship, are both over the moon about the birth, which is good considering it doesn’t seem to have been planned. The two began dating last summer, moved in together earlier this year and announced her pregnancy in June. There’s no word yet on whether the bundle of joy will convince the two to push their relationship to the next level via marriage, but for the time being, they have far more pressing concerns related to the new addition to the family.

Earlier this month, Adele released the theme song to the new James Bond film Skyfall. Her addition to the franchise is really good, but with the birth of the baby, it will likely mark her last new song for awhile. She publically announced a few months back that she’d like to take four or five years off, and nothing she’s done since has reversed that decision.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congrats go out to Adele and Konecki. Here’s to hoping the little guy brings them all the happiness in the world.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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