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Amanda Bynes Accused Of 3rd Car Accident In Past 2 Months

I don’t know if Amanda Bynes needs glasses, has depth perception problems or the entire world is conspiring against her, but the actress’ recent driving record reads like a how-to for getting a license revoked. At the beginning of April, the All That star allegedly ran into a police car and was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence. A few weeks later, she reportedly brushed against another car and just kept on driving. A 911 call led to a police helicopter chase, and when Bynes was finally pulled over, she supposedly claimed she didn’t realize she’d struck another vehicle. Because the damage was minor, her argument is entirely believable, but it turns out these separate incidents may not have been the only driving blemishes over the past few months.

According to TMZ, the celebrity may have been involved in a completely separate hit-and-run incident at the beginning of April. An unidentified driver was reportedly struck on the 101 on April 10th. The victim allegedly gave chase in order to ascertain the driver’s identity and was able to write down the license plate. The police tracked it to Enterprise Rental Car, who then tracked it back to Bynes. The woman reportedly picked the Hairspray star out of a photo line-up shortly thereafter, but nothing further ever came of the matter because no independent witnesses could verify the story.

One of these incidents could be chalked up to a regrettable mistake. I suppose two could even be stomached, but if all three of these traffic violations actually happened, Bynes either needs to stop driving or be sent back to Driver’s Education Billy Madison style.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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