American Pie Actor Eddie Kaye Thomas Allegedly Threatened By Female Houseguest With Knife

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department descended on the home of Eddie Kaye Thomas this evening after a frantic 911 call. Given all the recent swatting incidents, they were probably skeptical on their way over, but once they arrived, they reportedly discovered a real emergency.

According to TMZ, details are still a little fuzzy at this point, but apparently, the American Pie actor got into some kind of confrontation with a female houseguest, and she allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened to kill him. In response, he allegedly ran outside and phoned the police. For a long time, she was barricaded inside his home, but eventually, they were able to get her out and take her to the police station.

Whether she’s a girlfriend, a family member, a sorta girlfriend or just a friend is unclear, but regardless, this was clearly a very traumatic situation. Hopefully, the police will be able to figure out what the hell happened and why it happened in order to exact the fairest justice possible and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Apart from the American Pie franchise, Thomas is probably best known for his vocal work on American Dad where he plays Steve’s fat friend Barry or from the departed shows Til Death and How To Make It In America. One would imagine this shouldn’t affect any of his problems currently in development, but we’ll let you know as soon as details like that become available.

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