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Avril Lavigne Says She Wants To Stay Young Forever

Since her debut at the age of 17, Avril Lavigne has put out four studio albums and even dabbled in some acting. The singer has been married once and later went through a fairly painful and public divorce. Now she's in a solid, stable relationship with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, and has had plenty of life experience, yet the 28-year-old believes she would rather remain forever youthful.

In fact’s she’s even put out a brand new single discussing that very topic as a lead-in to her fifth studio album. The single is called “Here’s to Never Growing Up,” and the singer recently spoke to MTV to explain what the song she and fiancée Kroeger co-wrote is really about.

"It's pop rock, up-tempo. It's a fun song; it's about wanting to be young forever. Doesn't matter what age you are; it's all about your spirit, state of mind. And I know I certainly don't want to grow up, so there are more songs on the record like this."

Pop rock and up-tempo music is pretty signature for Lavigne, who has often written songs about youthful romances and problems in relationships. It’s interesting that instead of writing a song like One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young,” which tackles a fun night out, Lavigne is singing more about hitting an age where she doesn’t want to change her mentality, even though she is getting older. That’s a pretty adult take on a youthful mentality, and Pop Blend certainly hopes it works out for the singer.

We'll let you know when Lavigne announces exactly when her fifth studio album will drop.

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