Beauty Queen Melissa King: 2 Separate Warrants Issued For Her Arrest

The long, strange journey of ex-Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King just keeps getting weirder. Just days after she resigned her crown for allegedly filming a pornographic movie for just $1500, two separate arrest warrants from the state of Maryland have come to light.

According to CBS Local In Baltimore, the beauty queen was arrested on two separate occasions over the summer. The first time was for stealing money from a city bus fare box, and the second time was for underage possession of alcohol. Both of those offenses likely would have been mere slaps on the wrist, but apparently, she didn’t bother showing up to court to deal with either of them.

The past year for King has been one long and sad game of cause and effect. She allegedly decided to film a porn because she wanted $1500. Unfortunately, that porn went public (as porns do) and led to her losing her Miss Teen Deleware USA title. Because of all the subsequent publicity surrounding the scandal, all of her previous brushes with the law came to light, and now she’s going to have to legitimately deal with them.

Luckily, there may be a silver lining. Popular Internet company YouPorn has offered her $250,000 to be the company’s spokesman, and she wouldn’t have to shoot any sex scenes. She hasn’t publically responded to that request yet, but she’s expected to in the coming weeks. By then, hopefully, she’ll have gone to Maryland and willingly accepted the slaps on the wrist that are coming.

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