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Just days after it came out that cocaine played a significant role in Whitney Houston’s death, the late singer’s former husband Bobby Brown has reportedly been arrested for driving under the influence. The former New Edition member was in Reseda, California this afternoon when he was pulled over by a police officer. The interaction must not have gone so well because Brown wound up in the Van Nuys jail where he was supposedly booked for driving with a blood alcohol level over .08.

According to TMZ, the initial stop was made after a cop spotted Brown talking on his cell phone, which if he was drunk, was obviously an awful decision. He’s yet to release any sort of statement either confirming or arguing against the charge, but one would imagine we will hear from him within the next few days. Considering he already sports one DUI conviction on his resume, this whole thing could wind up costing him dearly.

Driving under the influence at night is obviously a stupid decision, but driving under the influence during the day could potentially point to a larger problem. If he did in fact have a few drinks before he took the wheel, he must have woke up and started immediately. The arrest took place a little after noon California time, which isn’t exactly a portion of the day in which even heavy drinkers are usually intoxicated.

Brown has reportedly been bailed out of jail already, but he’ll likely be due back in court within the next few weeks to answer the charges. Until then, we’ll keep you updated.

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