Bobby Brown's Sister Says Ray J Bought Whitney Drugs

Whitney Houston’s early death was always going to go down as a tragedy, but thanks to the toxicology report, it’ll now go down as a needless tragedy. The late singer’s body contained an assortment of both legal and illegal drugs including cocaine, marijuana and Xanax when she drowned in her hotel bathroom. Many of her family members and friends have since gone on record to speak about their overwhelming sadness, but at least one associate has gone a step further and used the test as a reason to point the finger at Ray J.

Whitney’s former sister-in-law Leolah Brown went on Dr Drew a few hours after the toxicology report went public and blasted Ray J for providing Houston with drugs. Authorities have not said whether they have any idea who the pop star purchased the narcotics from, but apparently, Bobby Brown’s sister doesn’t need to the police to tell her what she’s already sure of. You can take a look at the interview below…

That’s a lot of bold claims sandwiched into three and a half minutes. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know right now whether any of the accusations are true. Brown no doubt spent a lot of time with Houston while her brother was married to him, but it’s unclear how close they may have been prior to Whitney’s death. If the two really were speaking regularly, it’s possible the singer may have told her she didn’t really consider Ray J her boyfriend. If they weren’t still chit-chatting, there’s no way she could have possibly known Houston’s thoughts about Brandy’s brother.

Regardless, Ray J’s rep is now making the rounds denying his client had any knowledge Houston was using again. He told TMZ there’s no truth to any of the allegations. Ray J was supposedly in San Diego at the time she died and couldn’t have possibly purchased any drugs. I’m sure that’s true. As for whether or not he had any idea Houston was a user, we’ll probably never know for sure.

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