Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a Google problem, though unlike Rick Santorum’s, the couple’s was easily fixable. With so much information out there, both good and bad, about both partners, the actors decided they didn’t want their children to obsess over other people’s opinions of mom and dad. Their solution? They went through each of the children’s computers and blocked their own names from the Google search.

With great fame comes strange parenting decisions and weird problems most of the rest of us won’t ever have to worry about. Still, this decision probably isn’t as rare as you might think. In fact, in Moneyball, Brad Pitt tells his daughter to stay off the internet after she discovers people speculating on whether or not her dad will lose his job. At that girl’s age, it’s probably not practical to avert her eyes, but considering the oldest of Pitt and Jolie’s kids isn’t yet in middle school, they can probably shield them for another few years.

This whole thing came out in an interview with the German outlet Bild, as well as an interesting discussion about aging. Pitt told the news source he’s actually enjoying getting up their in years because all that maturity has really clarified his thinking patterns. No word on whether he’ll change his mind in two years when he realizes he’s fifty, but something tells me he’ll speak about it in an interview at some point. By then, there should be a hundred million more pages on the internet his children won’t be able to access through Google.

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