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Any women planning to go wedding dress shopping at Renee Strauss’ high end shop in Beverly Hills, Ca. better make an appointment elsewhere: $500,000 in dresses, shoes, tiaras, bridesmaid attire, veils, shoes, gloves, and even things as low end as garters are all gone. Did Renee suddenly have a wild sale, selling out everything to close shop? No. Was she robbed? No again. What really happened to Strauss’ gear is a whole lot weirder.

Turns out the TLC Brides of Beverly Hills vendor was sued a while ago by some of her employees. The unhappy crew eventually won the lawsuit, forcing Strauss to pay out $500,000 dollars. If that number seems familiar, it should, because Strauss never paid off her debt. According to TMZ, Sheriff deputies headed into her store today, seizing all of the gear mentioned before.

As it stands, it’s hard to feel sorry for Renee Strauss. She would have to have known something like this was coming. I have no idea whether Struass thought she could ignore the ramifications of the lawsuit and continue business as usual, but it seems like this whole ordeal could have been handled with a little more taste on her end. As it stands now, all the wedding gear will be sold at auction. So, again, brides, if you planned to shop at Renee Strauss’ place, maybe keep an eye out for an auction in the near future. I’m guessing the whole thing will be one hell of a sample sale.

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