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The last major roadblock preventing a Chris Brown/ Rihanna reconciliation has been removed. The pop star said goodbye to his girlfriend Karrueche Tran this week for the laughable reason that he didn’t “want to see her hurt over (his) friendship” with his former love.

It’s unclear if Brown and Rihanna will immediately jump into a relationship now, but if sources close to Tran are to be believed, she’s convinced they’ve already gotten together. Several of her buddies told TMZ their friend’s now ex-boyfriend began acting differently a few weeks back. He was apparently a lot more emotionally reserved and started doing things on his own. KT asked him if another woman was in the picture, but he reportedly denied it.

When all the reports of Brown and Rihanna spending time together began emerging earlier this week, the details apparently clicked into place. Tran is allegedly convinced they were messing around behind her back, and considering all the history between the two, her hypothesis certainly isn’t out of left field. Contrary to what Billy Madison might tell you, friends don’t listen to “Endless Love” in the dark, and they don’t take off each other’s clothes and dance on tables.

Breaking up is always difficult, but for Tran’s sake, it may actually be a blessing that she got out of the way so soon. If Rihanna and Brown were going to reconcile anyway, better it happened now than down the line when their might be kids or a marriage involved.

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