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Earlier this week, Bruce and Kris Jenner admitted what insiders have known for a long time. After twenty-two years, they’re no longer living in the same house. He’s taken up residence in Malibu, and she’s living with the kids at their longtime home in Calabasas.

On paper, the situation looks pretty dire. He’s reportedly grown tired of her incessant fame whoring, and she’s grown tired of what a homebody he is. They’ve simply drifted apart, and with the children either out of the house or nearing college age, there’s not a huge pull keeping them together, at least apart from the reality show that he’s not even the biggest fan of.

When it comes to divorcing, however, rumor has it neither side is really interested. Kris told TMZ that they still talk on the phone multiple times every single day and are best friends. In addition, they’re apparently planning to have their typical Christmas party and aren’t interested in getting lawyers involved.

On the one hand, there are reasons to think these two will never officially divorce. Twenty-two years together creates some pretty strong bonds, and if there isn’t any serious acrimony and no impulse to date other people, there’s no real reason to split up the assets. Besides, if they are still best friends and will continue talking all the time, chances are they’ll backslide at least a few times. On the other hand, however, divorce isn’t exactly a foreign concept in this household, and living apart is always a horrible sign. Some couples are genuinely happier with sleeping in separate bedrooms or having separate bathrooms, but having this much physical space is almost always reminiscent a big problem.

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Will These Two Get Back Together?

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