Dustin Hoffman Is Recovering From Cancer Surgery

Dustin Hoffman is on the mend after one of the biggest scares of his life. The actor was recently diagnosed with cancer, but he elected to battle it with surgery and emerged from the procedure with a clean bill of health.

Details on the specifics of the cancer or the timetable haven’t been made available, but the seventy-five-year-old’s publicist did speak on the record today to clear up any rumors or misconceptions. Here’s what Jodi Gottlieb told People

"It was detected early and he has been surgically cured. Dustin is feeling great and is in good health."

Beyond that initial surgery, Hoffman has also reportedly decided to have some preventative treatments in order to reduce the chance of the cancer returning at some point in the future. Like most of the other details related to this story, the specifics haven’t been made public, but since one would imagine he’s getting among the best medical treatment possible, we’ll just assume doctors advised him wisely.

Given his advanced age, common sense would tell you Hoffman will likely slow down in the next few years, but in actuality, he’s continued and will continue to work pretty steadily. Last year, he spent large portions of his time aggressively promoting his first directorial feature Quartet. Moving forward, he already has both Chef and The Song of Names on the docket, and it’s also rumored he’ll do some voice work for Kung Fu Panda 3 when the production advances to that stage.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Hoffman and his entire family during this trying time. It sounds like he’s beaten the hard stuff, but there will still be plenty of long nights related to thse additional procedures. Here’s to hoping he’s able to continue battling as fiercely as ever.

Until then, I’ve gone ahead and embedded video spanning Hoffman’s career. The first clip comes from The Graduate. The second comes from Rain Man, and the final one is a scene from Last Chance Harvey released just a few years ago. Enjoy…

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