Farrah Abraham and her mother may have gone through plenty of trials and tribulations together, but apparently, this sex tape was the breaking point in the women’s relationship. Earlier this week, the former Teen Mom star reportedly packed up her things and left her mother’s home. Whether or not she stomped out of her own accord or was kicked out depends on who you ask, however.

According to TMZ, some sources close to the situation are saying the elder Abraham laid down the law after finding out the sex tape was Farrah’s idea. If the daughter is to be believed, however, she actually left the house on the advice of her counselor who didn’t think the residence was a good environment for her.

After news of the sex tape first broke, Farrah’s mother came out and defended her daughter, saying she would never willingly consent to such a thing. Of course, that statement wound up being completely untrue, and I’m sure there were some hurt feelings because of it. More than likely, the footage will wind up netting Abraham a pretty sweet paycheck, but if it costs her a relationship with her mother and her daughter a relationship with her grandmother, she may not look at it as such a positive once she realizes the full cost.

We’ll keep you updated as the negotiations for the sex tape’s release continue. Until then, try to get along with your own mom.

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