Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Reportedly Shot A Sex Tape With James Deen

From naked pictures to lengthy prison sentences to messy break-ups, the women of MTV’s Teen Mom have made headlines for plenty of less than flattering reasons. Farrah Abraham is no stranger to that attention, having been almost universally chastised for waxing her three-year-old’s eyebrows and trying to walk away from cops after a DUI stop. If today’s rumors are true, however, she’s likely in for the most attention she’s ever received.

Apparently, the mother had sex with James Deen on film yesterday. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because he is a) a famous porn star, b) the co-star of the Lindsay Lohan movie The Canyons or c) a ladies man who once admitted he has no idea how many women he’s taken to bed in his life. Today, he told TMZ that he did sleep with Abraham, the footage is currently being edited and it will likely be sold to a major pornography distributor.

Obviously, no parts of the clip have gone public yet, but it reportedly lasts more than thirty minutes and features multiple positions. Given that length and the inclusion of Deen, who clearly knows his way around the bedroom, the tape should appeal to both pornography fans and celebrity sex tape fans, which means the market should be incredibly wide.

Abraham hasn’t acknowledged the rumors that the sex happened and was filmed with a specific goal to sell it, but if she does speak publically, we will keep you updated.

Mack Rawden
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