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Earlier this month, the Kardashian clan got together to celebrate the upcoming birth of eldest sister Kourtney’s baby. The day was filled with pink costumes, food items, and décor signifying the fact Kourtney is having a little girl. The whole pink versus blue idea usually has a lot of cute, color coordinated activities that can be implemented at baby showers, however, Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s newest shower idea takes the color coordination idea to a whole new level.

Giuliana and Bill only recently announced their pregnancy through a gestational carrier, but they have already been all over planning for the new baby. So far though, they’ve done a great job of staying mum about the baby’s sex. What better way to reveal what gender the couple is having than through a cute shower ceremony for close family and friends?

The couple has a baby shower planned for June 17, replete with the stated theme “Blue or Pink: What do You Think?” The shower seems to be an excuse to get together and let the news slip on the baby’s gender, but hey, a party’s a party, and the invitations for the couple’s celebration are the coolest I’ve ever seen. Underneath the theme moniker, there’s a {G} in pink followed by a {B} in blue, which perfectly complements the first letters of Giuliana and Bill’s names. They couldn’t have planned that better if they had tried.

You can check out the glorious fonts and cute themes in the baby shower invitation over at E! News. As always, Pop Blend will keep you posted when we are privy to baby news.

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