It looks like Halle Berry’s not willing to chalk the slugfest between her ex Gabriel Aubry and her fiancé Olivier Martinez up to Thanksgiving awkwardness. The actress has reportedly decided to go to court to extend the restraining order this upcoming week to try and keep her child’s father away from the family.

Berry argued in front of judges on several occasions in the past that Aubry has a horrid temper. The court system has continually allowed him to retain partial custody and visitation rights and even barred her from moving to France, but with Thursday’s brouhaha, there’s no telling how the game might change.

According to TMZ, a temporary order of protection was extended immediately after the altercation, but if nothing changes, it will expire on Tuesday. Berry’s attorneys are expected to argue Aubry is a menace to not only the actress and her fiancé but also his own daughter. In a perfect world, she’d likely try to use this mess as her ticket to move to France, but at this point, that’s still several steps away. Plus, just because Aubry had this low moment doesn’t mean he should never be able to see his daughter again. That doesn’t seem like it would be in anyone’s best interests.

We’ll keep you updated as this case winds its way through the court system. Because of the deadline with the restraining order, the first decision should happen rather quickly, but once appeals are factored in, these legal proceedings could take years. Pop Blend's congratulations go out to the attorneys who are the only ones seeing any benefit from this family drama.

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