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With no clear idea of exactly what happened during the Thanksgiving brawl between Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry and her current fiancé Olivier Martinez, authorities headed to the actress’ house looking for some clear proof in the form of security footage. The actress’ house is reportedly outfitted with multiple security cameras, but unfortunately, not a single one got a shot of what happened.

According to TMZ, Berry had some stalker problems last year, and when detectives came to check out what was happening, they reportedly advised her to turn the lenses away from the house in order to catch the perpetrator climbing over the fence. She agreed to the swap, and the angles reportedly have gone unchanged since.

Ever since the fight, Aubry has run around telling anyone who will listen that he didn’t start the altercation and wishes everyone could see exactly what happened. This security footage could have been his chance to either prove he’s really faultless or to sink his own excuses, but now that we know that’s out, it’s going to become a lot more difficult for him to get the restraining order against him lifted.

In less than a week, this case has already taken a slew of unexpected turns. All parties are due back in court shortly, and with the way things are looking, it seems like this mess could drag out for an unreasonable amount of time. We’ll keep you updated.

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