Jay-Z has sung about his entire life in his rap songs, so why not cover the latest, hugest development in his life: the birth of his daughter? Though presumably Beyonce and their new child, Blue Ivy, are still resting in the hospital, Jay-Z managed to find the time to make it into the studio and rap about his feelings of fatherhood, in a track he posted on his site Life And Times. Not only is the song about his daughter, but it also features her at the end-- you'll know it when you hear the audio get worse and hear, well, a newborn baby crying. Blue Ivy doesn't seem to have her father's rhyming skills just yet, but give her time.

Let's be honest-- it's not one of Jay-Z's better songs, though I do love the line "I'll paint the sky blue" as a not-so-sly tribute to the girl. But it's the sentiment behind it that counts, and everything from the accompanying photo of the Empire State Building lit up blue to the line "Life just got REALLY good" is the completely universal, sweet feelings of a new father. If you listen to the lyrics the song gets even more revealing-- "Last time the miscarriage was so tragic, we was afraid you disappeared, but no baby, you magic" he raps, revealing a miscarriage that had never been publicly discussed. He also says that the baby was conceived in Paris, and the next morning "mama woke up the next day and shot an album package." So, there's some information you didn't really need.

Listen to the song at the website and let us know what other information you glean from it. If nothing else, this is the most inventive way I can imagine to beat the paparazzi at their own game and reveal information about your new baby before they can suss it out. Thanks for opening up, Jay!

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