Heidi Klum's Mom Takes Her Racy Instagram Pics, Weird Or Not?

You know who is a pretty good Instagram follow? Heidi Klum. From fun Project Runway photographs to racy beach shots, the combination model and television personality is an unencumbered blast of fun. Not surprisingly, however, the aforementioned racy snapshots tend to cause a few doubletakes now and again. For a long time, it was assumed her bodyguard/ boyfriend was the shutterbug, but it turns out the person behind the camera is actually the model’s mother.

You can take a look at one of those aforementioned racy pictures in question below…

The unusual arrangement first came to light during an interview with Access Hollywood. Citing her mother’s ability to take “good photos” and her European upbringing, Klum admitted she thought some might be surprised by her choice of photographers but didn’t really find any kind of issue with it herself.

Like everything else about supermodels and odd parental dynamics, this reveal has launched more than a few debates. There are some who think there’s nothing strange about Klum’s mom taking topless pictures of her, and there are some who think the snapshots are weird, uncomfortable and kind of wrong.

On the one hand, it’s easy to see where the complaints are coming from. Americans, as a whole, tend to be pretty reserved when it comes to talking about sex or sexuality with their parents. They put as much distance between what they do in the bedroom and what they do at the dinner table with their parents as possible. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear actress’ talk about the awkwardness they felt after their parents or other family members saw them naked in a movie.

On the other hand, however, there’s not really any inherent reason why it has to be awkward. For most people, it just is, but apparently for Heidi, she’s perfectly fine with it. She grew up in Europe, obviously has spent plenty of time without her top on as a model, and her mom photographing her that way really isn’t an issue. Consequently, if she doesn’t think it’s weird, maybe it’s actually not weird. Maybe the uptight people are the ones who are wildly offbase here.

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