Most people who grew up playing sports secretly or not so secretly wish they had a highlight video showcasing their greatest athletic accomplishments. My wife would probably slap me in the face if she knew how much money I’d be willing to withdraw from our bank account for footage of all the opponents I ever hit in the stomach with tennis balls. Luckily for this adorable youngster, he’s already got everything from eighteen to twenty-four months saved on YouTube.

Last year, the Ashby family noticed how good their little boy was getting at basketball. They decided to tape him playing around with his Little Tikes hoop, and over the next few months, they busted out the camera now and again to see his improvement. Recently, they combined all of the footage together into a highlight video, and not surprisingly, it’s racing around YouTube. Check out the greatness below…

I love the clip of this kid with the pacifier in his mouth and the Thomas The Tank Engine pajamas draining free throws on his back like it’s his job. I have no idea whether he’ll actually turn into a good basketball player when he gets older, or whether he’ll even be tall enough to play at a high level, but at least this video will always work as proof that he was way better than his fellow toddlers.

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