As part owner of the Brooklyn Nets and director of Brooklyn Arena LLC, Jay-Z decided very early on that he would open the borough’s Barclay’s Center with a few concerts for his hometown fans, but until recently, he never gave any indication of how many dates he might offer. Earlier this week, he put three dates for sale and decided to greatly reduce prices in order to give back to the community. Response, especially for the $30 upper bowl tickets, was overwhelming; so, like a good business man, Jay-Z is increasing the supply to match the demand.

According to MTV, two more dates have been added on October 3 and 4. The pricing structure will work exactly the same way as the previous offerings with nothing over $254.50 in the bottom and everything exactly $30 at the top. No doubt tickets will sell just as quickly for these gigs, but considering he’s already almost doubled his output, I wouldn’t expect more dates anytime soon. Plus, as the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, it’s not exactly like Barclay’s has a completely open schedule.

Jay-Z and company have made it clear for weeks the venue will house all sorts of different entertainment mediums with gigs by the Biebs and others already booked, but because it’s so new and the Nets are already scheduled to play (at least) forty-one dates next season, Barclay’s will likely be publically thought of as a basketball facility until it generates a few buzz worthy performances. Here’s to hoping Jay-Z gives fans five.

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