This Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes Photobomb Pic Is Terrifying And Adorable

So, Jennifer Lawrence is charming. She just has one of those personalities and one of those faces that makes everything she does seem adorable and endearing. So, rather than tongue-tied awkwardness during her speech this evening, we all saw relatable nervousness and a quirky spirit. And instead of what could have been an attention-seeking photobomb seen above, we all see a goofy personality we’d hang out with any day of the week.

It might sound like I’m about to hit ya’ll with some grandiose lecture about double standards and Anne Hathaway, but honestly, I’m caught just as tightly in Lawrence’s web as pretty much everyone else. I mean seriously, look at her face in that picture. What the hell is she even doing? Does she know she’s on camera? Is she just making a goofy face for her own passing-the-time-related purposes? Someone needs to ask as quickly as possible because we all need answers.

The brilliant little moment likely would have been swept under the rug if it wasn’t for Ryan Seacrest. He was apparently told about her devilish grin by someone watching the broadcast, and like the social media genius he is, the American Idol host grabbed a screenshot and sent it out to his followers. In just a few hours, it’s already amassed more than one hundred thousand likes. That’s right. One hundred thousand likes, and that number should easily multiple to staggering heights within the next day.

Lawrence has an overabundance of personality. Sometimes that’s a negative way to describe someone. In her case, it’s the opposite, and entrenched in a Hollywood climate where people take themselves very seriously, it’s quite refreshing. In fact, the personality bonus could even help her win her second Oscar for the wonderful American Hustle.

Over the next few decades, Lawrence will no doubt grow up, but here’s to hoping her basic personality never changes.

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