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John Mayer Set To Embark On First Tour In Over 3 Years

Billboard John Mayer

There are a variety of attitudes and activities a person can engage in, some of them healthier than others, after a big break-up. For John Mayer, the solution seems to be to go on tour. On Friday, the 35-year-old musician announced his first tour in three years just a few days after officially declaring it splitsville with Katy Perry. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Mayer’s fans should already know about the rollercoaster that has been the singer's last couple of years. Mayer had to cancel a tour and delay an album in 2011 thanks to Granuloma, a vocal problem that’s about as pleasant as it sounds, featuring inflamed and infected nodules right near the vocal chords. In the spring of last year the man attempted to tour again, this time following surgery. Unfortunately, that tour didn’t pan out, either and the problem looked like it could be permanent until Mayer found a new doctor who attempted a wild botox injection. Now, the singer says the problem has been corrected.

Still, you would think that after years of vocal issues Mayer and his band would start slow and work their way into more gigs, but Billboard is reporting that is not the case. The singer revealed to the outlet that he will be onstage for a whopping 45 shows between this April and October. It’s crazy to think that the man couldn’t speak during certain periods over the last several years and yet he’s willing to put himself through that much vocal stress just to do the thing he loves the most. No one’s arguing the man doesn’t have the passion to pursue his goals, but I still may hold off on buying a ticket.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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