Will The Jonas Brothers Actually Break Up?

Bands break up all the time after getting famous. Whether it be because of the close confines they work in or the personalities of musicians, it’s really hard for famous groups to stay together for an extended period of time. That’s why I’m almost never surprised when rumors swirl about group members potentially throwing up the middle fingers and walking their separate ways, but even so, I’m a little taken aback by the Jonas Brothers whispers.

Earlier this week, the guys unexpectedly pulled out of their nineteen date tour just days before they were supposed to hit the road. Sources close to the guys told TMZ the issues stem from all three having very different musical interests and not being able to get on the same page. I’m sure that’s where some of the friction is coming from, but either these guys are some of the most selfish assholes in the world or there’s more to the story. After all, you don’t bail on all your session musicians, lighting guys, roadies, stagehands and various other not-so-rich helpers, as well as all the fans if someone’s a little more excited about rock music than the others.

All evidence seems to indicate the Jonas Brothers will likely break up after eight years together sooner rather than later, but there’s something about this separation that I’m not sure will last very long. The brothers in Oasis always fought like crazy men, but these three have always gotten along pretty well. It’s just hard to see everyone involved not coming to their senses, especially since they can all make more money as a group than individually.

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