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Kim Kardashian showed up to the mandatory settlement conference for her upcoming divorce trial today, but someone else important most decidedly did not: her soon-to-be ex-husband Kris Humphries. He reportedly told his lawyer to let the court know he couldn’t get back from New York in time, but that excuse apparently didn’t fly with Judge Goldberg who laid into Humphries in absentia for disrespecting the court with his absence.

According to TMZ, Judge Goldberg could have stopped with the lecture, but instead, he decided to schedule a formal sanctioning hearing where Kris could be fined for his alleged indifferent attitude toward the trial. Regardless, all parties are due back in court on the 19th for another settlement conference/ pre-trial hearing. Something tells me Humphries will probably get his act together and show up then.

Thus far, very little about the divorce trial has gone how Humphries wanted. He was reportedly hoping to get Kim to agree to an annulment and to prove she duped him into marriage without love in her heart, but on the whole, the public hasn’t embraced him in his quest at all. In fact, he’s definitely lost the PR battle, and objectively, it seems like his chances of winning his divorce trial seem moot.

We’ll keep you updated as this shit show makes its way toward trial. If Humphries doesn’t come to his senses and settle, he could be in for quite a few more lectures before it’s all said and done.