Is Justin Bieber A Bad Pet Owner?

Justin Bieber may have had a pretty bad week because of the whole spitting fiasco, but it turns out another member of his family had a much worse week: his monkey. The singer was recently gifted the pet and even brought him on his European tour, but unfortunately, he didn’t bring any of the proper paperwork with him. As a result, the poor mammal had to be taken into quarantine and will remain there until the Biebs leaves the country and takes the poor guy home.

On the one hand, that sounds like a pretty unfortunate situation. Bieber clearly wanted the monkey to be with him, and because he’s a new pet owner, he probably didn’t know he needed any specific paperwork to take the little guy around. On the other hand, however, there’s a certain amount of irresponsibility in play here. You would think most people would do a little research before they would take an animal into a foreign country. Besides, this isn’t the first time Bieber has made a questionable decision with a pet. He actually gifted his hamster to a complete stranger, but sadly, the animal died not long thereafter.

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