Lindsay Lohan Wants To Take Adderall While In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan might be willing to serve ninety days in a locked rehabilitation facility, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one caveat: she has to be allowed Adderall. Like many Americans, the actress takes a daily dose of the drug to battle attention-deficit disorder, but whether or not she actually needs it has been a serious topic of debate for years. In fact, there are some who vehemently argue the medication itself is the single biggest problem she has.

In certain rehabilitation facilities, taking Adderall is a big no-no because some addicts can develop dependency issues with the medication and/ or abuse it outright. Unfortunately, since Lindsay and her attorney Mark Heller are having serious problems finding a locked down rehabilitation facility as is, this added wrinkle could put the pair completely out of luck. According to TMZ, it’s unlikely the actress will back down on this issue even in the face of jail time, however, because she’s apparently convinced she needs the pills just to be able to function.

Most people would likely settle down after being told they have substance abuse problems and need to enter rehab, but by all accounts, Lohan has continued partying away. She’s been photographed several times in recent days in Brazil having a grand old time, but considering she’s getting paid good money as part of a sponsorship deal and she clearly needs the extra scratch, maybe it’s better if we all look away briefly and hope she still commits whenever she does fulfill her rehab obligation to the court. People normally change in rehab when they're not fully convinced they have a problem, right? Maybe? No. Well, fingers crossed she'll get lucky or develop an allergy to booze.

Mack Rawden
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