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Slapping a woman on the backside is a lot like gambling on sports. When you selectively play the favorites and stay within your comfort zones, you'll probably make a small return on your investment and get a smile from the wife, girlfriend or woman you've recently slept with. Branch out and start betting on optimism and bad things will eventually happen. Never bet on the Cubs and never assume that hot woman who occasionally talks to you is interested in having her ass fondled. The Cubbies will always break your heart, and chances are, that sweet lady has no interest in your advances.

That's the hard lesson one crew member learned on the set of Charlie's Angels after he slapped Minka Kelly's butt and immediately lost his job. According to TMZ, the former Parenthood star apparently responded to the inappropriate touch by telling the man “please don't ever disrespect me or any other woman like that again.” Producers weren't nearly as kind and sent the crewman packing. The actress was apparently upset about the man losing his job, but she had no say in the matter. Besides, one would expect ABC's response to be dwarfed by what this poor guy had to deal with when his wife learned of the reason behind his dismissal.

As a man, I understand the urge to want to slap attractive women on their butts, but at some point, you have to learn to curtail this longing. It's unfair and presumptuous to assume girls are interested in this type of physical contact from random people. A good rule of thumb is if you think the woman might get mad, she will almost definitely get mad. We men tend to overhype our own sex appeal; so, if we have doubts, chances are probably grave.

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