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In case you hadn’t noticed, Marvel is everywhere. No longer content with merely being a comic book giant, the media company has their hands in everything from movies to TV shows to video games. Now it seems they have even begun to branch out to the culinary world.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Entertainment has just announced that they will – in conjunction with chefs Alvin Leung and Chris Cosentino – commence a three-night pop-up dinner series in China. The event will take place at Hong Kong restaurant Bo Innovation, and will feature a new eight-course Marvel-themed meal each night. What exactly constitutes a Marvel-themed meal remains to be seen, but we are hoping the Thor-inspired dish keeps the mead flowing.

Cosetino – a former victor on Top Chef Masters – will kick off the event on November 2 with a dining experience modeled off of his own personal Marvel favorites; Leung will take the reins on the following night, and the duo will team up for the final evening. Everybody loves a Marvel team-up. The event is being kept as exclusive as possible, with available seating limited to 50 slots each evening – essentially guaranteeing a full house every night.

Marvel Entertainment has actually ventured into the world of cooking before. Last year, they released a series called 3 Course Comics which combined tutorials for Marvel-themed meals with roundtable style interviews of people in the industry. Check out an episode below to get the jist of it:

So basically, if you love Marvel and gourmet food – and happen to be in the Hong Kong area from November 2 to November 4 – this event is certainly something you are not going to want to miss out on.

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