Meek Mill Says Neither Chris Brown Nor Drake Threw Any Bottles

Because of their incredible popularity, Drake and Chris Brown have gotten the most attention following the recent nightclub bottle fight at WIP. Some observers have blamed the incident on the former, while some have accused the latter. If you ask the third rapper who was there that night however, neither man is to blame for what happened because neither man threw any bottles.

Hip-hop star Meek Mill talked to XXL Magazine earlier today and told the outlet the aggressors were actually random people including a few unidentified women he saw doing their best Greg Maddux’s, heaving expensive champagne without a second thought.

As for problems with Chris Brown, he claims there aren’t any at all. Meek Mill says he called Brown immediately after the incident went down, and the two are completely fine with each other, probably because, according to his story, neither man chucked any glass. XXL asked him directly if he was involved, and he offered a rather terse reply…

”Fuck no.”

Thus far, no arrests, outside of the club manager on unrelated charges, have been made, and given it’s already been almost a week, it seems unlikely the handcuffs will ever come out. The lawsuits however are another matter entirely. Several bystanders/ possible aggressors have already hired attorneys and made public statements about mulling over lawsuits. Now at least we know Meek Mill won’t be suing Chris Brown, and assumedly, Brown won’t be filing against the other.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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