Michael Jackson Called An Addict By Lawyers In AEG Trial

The Michael Jackson/ AEG two billion dollar wrongful death trial is getting more pointed and aggressive by the day. Lawyers for both Katherine Jackson and AEG repeatedly referred to the deceased pop star as an addict, though each had very different reasons for doing so. AEG is attempting to argue the singer was so addicted for the last years of his life that he continually doctor shopped, consulted with more than forty-five physicians, repeatedly lied to everyone about what drugs he was actually taking and caused his own undoing. Katherine’s attorneys, on the other hand, are trying to prove MJ was an addict who simply needed help but instead was used by a large corporation who looked the other way as a now-jailed doctor pumped him full of the drugs that ultimately ended his life.

Right now, it’s too early into the trial to speculate who might ultimately win the case, but I can tell you who is losing the case: MJ’s kids. They already have enough money to satisfy their needs and wants whether they win this trial or not, but because of their grandmother’s decision, they now have to watch their father’s name drug through the mud. There’s even a very real possibility they may have to listen to testimony about their own paternity situation.

Despite all the drama, there have at least been a few moments of great happiness in the courtroom. According to The New York Daily News, a video of Michael giving the children a dog was played for the court, as was his song “You Are My Life”. Here’s to hoping, no matter what comes out of this trial, those closest to him still remember his warm spirit and his big heart.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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