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Michael Jackson's Mother Katherine Reported Missing By Grandchildren

The latest chapter in the ongoing Jackson Family drama might actually be the strangest. Earlier this week, five of Michael Jackson’s siblings fired off an angry letter demanding the executors be removed from their deceased brother’s estate. They apparently think they’ve been taken for millions, and they alleged the stress of it all caused mother Katherine to have a “mini-stroke”.

That’s their side of the story, but if you take it from MJ’s kids Paris, Blanket and Prince, something a whole lot shadier is going on. Katherine apparently left the three on July 15 to attend a Jackson Brothers concert in New Mexico. They haven’t heard from her since. She’s reportedly never gone more than a day without speaking to them, but every time Paris calls, she’s told by her aunts that Katherine is resting and cannot come to the phone.

According to CNN, the distraught children filed a missing persons report. MJ’s brother Jermaine has publically stated his mother is fine and resting in Arizona, but given all the bad blood, several family members don’t believe him. Consequently, the police are involved and doing their best to actually speak with Katherine.

One would imagine the eighty-two-year-old actually is in Arizona with some of her children, but even if she is, the drama underscores how much friction and animosity is still present in the family three years after Michael tragically died.

We’ll keep you updated as answers begin emerging.

Mack Rawden
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