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On two separate occasions this week, Miley Cyrus has been photographed without her engagement ring on. Obviously, there are certain occasions in which many women choose to ditch their wedding or engagement rings such as at the gym or at the beach, but none of those usual and acceptable excuses were at play during either of the ring-less occasions. The first happened while Cyrus was on her way to the recording studio, and her lack of bling was immediately noticed.

In fact, the chatter got so loud she took to Twitter to deny the wedding was called off. Last night, however, Cyrus was spotted at a series of parties in Hollywood with some of her friends including an unidentified male companion, and she once again didn’t have on her ring. Not surprisingly, those two sightings, coupled with rumors that he isn’t pleased with her behavior and recent makeover have led many to wonder whether this relationship is getting extremely close to the breaking point.

Is there a chance her ring is simply getting cleaned or getting resized? Yes, of course there is. But is there also a chance the two of them have been fighting lately and she decided not to wear the ring? Yes, there is. In fact, the second scenario may even be more likely at this point.

Whether they stay together or not, here’s to hoping both Cyrus and her (ex?) fiancé Liam Hemsworth make the smartest long-term decision possible as to their future.

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