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Paula Deen Offering Fans A Line Of Finishing Butter

Ever since famous chef and comfort food cook Paula Deen confirmed she had diabetes a year and a half ago, she’s worked to both lose weight and to change her diet in order to live a healthier lifestyle. The longtime cook has successfully dropped 40 lbs. by cutting back on butter and things like mashed potatoes. The 66-year-old has vowed to be more aware of healthy options for foods, but that hasn’t stopped her from putting out a brand new line of “finishing butters” to be sold exclusively at Walmart Stores.

Deen is actually putting together several different lines of food that fit her diabetic lifestyle, including corn chips and sugar free chocolates that are headed to other retailer Walgreens. It’s the finishing butters that are the most confusing, however. In a recent post on her website, Deen advocates for still using butter to flavor foods, but instead of packing on the flavor, she markets her new butters as a food topper.

“I’ll also be sharing with y’all my new grilling finishing butters that lets us all cook with butter as a ‘finishing’ ingredient, using my favorite taste of butter in moderation.”

It’s likely that Deen knew she would need to change her marketing presence in order to maintain her status as a chef and foodie after her diabetes diagnosis. However, a “finishing butter,” no matter how delicious the flavors are (and they do happen to include Garden Herb Butter and Lemon Dill Butter, among others), isn’t enough of a detour from her old approach to really hammer home the new perspective. That’s not to say she needs to start working with tofu, but perhaps a signature line of butters isn’t the best way to go.

Here’s to hoping Deen finds a way to cook her style and continue to shed pounds.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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