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Based on what people have told me and all the anecdotal evidence I’ve ever seen, heard or read about, getting divorced is absolutely, positively horrendous. It costs half a bank account’s worth of money. It can drag out for a truly stupid length of time. In short, it’s typically a miserable experience, but if Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli’s example is followed, however, it apparently doesn’t have to be.

According to TMZ, the estranged spouses finalized the divorce this week, and their agreement is notable for how many things they freely agreed to on their own. They’ve both decided not to push for any spousal support, and when it comes to raising their 3 daughters ranging in age from 15 to 6, they’ve decided to split time evenly and to set up a bank account they both have access to in order to drop in monthly payments that’ll cover school, medical bills and other expenses. That way, whenever money is needed, either parent can use it for the children immediately.

There’s no law that says divorces have to be bitter, soul-sucking hatefests. Sometimes relationships just end, and while that’s emotionally upsetting and difficult, it doesn’t have to be combative. People are capable of just amiably agreeing a situation sucks without having to intentionally pour salt into the wounds.

Both Facinelli and Garth have always seemed like great people. They’re clearly committed to continuing to co-parent, and they should be lauded for their efforts to do so. After all, if coming to a mutual understanding was easy for former lovers, I’m pretty sure more of them would choose to do so.

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