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Pink’s always seemed like the type of woman who, come hell or highwater, would let nothing get in the way of having fun. She has also always proven herself to be a fierce bit of human, willing to throw back whiskey and chain smoke with the best of them. So when Pink and her husband Carey Hart had a baby together, I was a little worried Pink wouldn’t be able to reconcile her partying past with her diaper-ridden future. I shouldn’t have worried, however, because as it turns out, Pink and baby Willow are doing just fine.

The pop star recently headed to Philadelphia to speak to radio station q102, about her relationship with her family and what she is learning from Willow Sage, who just turned one last month. The charismatic crooner says she still likes to party with her husband and baby, but the sort of partying is very different from the whiskey and emotion she used to feel she thrived on.
“We wake up and dance. [We] party naked in the hotel room.”

The star also spoke out about her new album, The Truth About Love, which People is reporting will hit stores in September. The 32-year-old says the album will reflect where she is in her life currently, also remarking she “likes [herself] more than [she] used to. “
“It used to be whiskey, tears, and cigarettes. Now it’s [my baby's] kind of tears, no cigarettes, and the color of poop. Pure joy. I miss the whiskey, not the cigarettes.”

After Hart and Pink worked there way through a tumultuous separation in the past, it is good to see the two settle down and seem extremely contented. With any luck it will be smooth sailing from here on out and I sincerely hope The Truth About Love attests to that.

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