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In a story that can only be described as classic Portland, the city’s police chief was lauded as a hero this week after he rescued a dog that consumed too many pot brownies.

The incident in question occurred on Monday night. Police Chief Mike Reese and his partner headed downtown after a good Samaritan phoned the police to let them know a dog was suffering from convulsions. When the two officers arrived, they quickly discovered the dog and identified the owner as a local homeless man. He told the authorities the dog was probably having a bad reaction to all of the pot brownies he consumed.

To try and mellow out the animal’s buzz, the 5-0 rushed the dog, his owner and the owner’s shopping cart to Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital. According to Oregon Live, local doctors have gotten very good at treating animals who have eaten pot brownies over the past few years (again, classic Portland), though the treatments can cost a few hundred dollars or more.

Apparently, eating marijuana can cause a dog to experience discomfort and to have trouble walking. Given the convulsions, this one sounds like it was a bit more serious, but luckily, the animal is already on the mend and ready to attack the world again, hopefully this time as a pretty normal dog with less of a desire to consume spare brownies its owner might have sitting around.

People living in the Pacific Northwest tend to march to the beat of their own drummers. Clearly, everything about this story fits that bill. Hopefully, the owner will be a little more careful next time if he chooses to have fun with marijuana desserts.

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